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Umbre (Shadows) – Season 3: Shoot Teaser (HBO Europe)

2020 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Finalist – Best Directing
2020 PromaxBDA Europe Finalist – Best Directing


This is a special shoot teaser for a brand new season for HBO Europe’s Romanian series ‘Umbre’ (‘Shadows’).

Umbre follows Relu (Șerban Pavlu), an enforcer for a small-time mob boss , as he struggles to keep his family in the dark about his job.
At the end of the last season Relu is left with psycho-cop Emilian and his task force, sniffing at his every move. To make matters worse, there’s a rat amongst the Mob Relu’s working for – so paranoia sets in. The stakes are higher than ever. Consequently, Relu is trapped between a rock and a hard place and is faced with the ultimate decision: whose side is he on and what does he have to do to save his family?
This New season is about all these balancing acts and every character is on a tight wire. The concept therefore was to show Relu’s change in the lines of “cause-and-effect”: he becomes a seemingly slick gangster instead of a simple thug, and while we see all other forces he’s trapped between (task force, mob) we also witness his inner struggle, where he ultimately has to face his own humanity.


Director / Script / Edit: Peter Varsics
Director of Photography: Daniel Szöke
VP of Creative Services: Balazs Böjthe (HBO Europe)
Marketing Director: Irina Catenchin (HBO Romania)
Executive Producer: Alina David (HBO Europe)
Producer: Dragos Vilcu (MME)
Head of Production: Valentin Antofi (MME)
Unit Production Manager: Oana Matei
1st AD: Ovidiu Paunescu
Production Designer: Adrian Cristea
Costumes: Andrea Caragea
Make-Up: Gabriela Cretan
Stunts: Petre Marin
Original Teaser Music: Adam Balazs
Sound Design and Sound Mix: Peter Mari (HBO Europe)
Color Grading: Szilárd Tötszegi (Post Edison)
Motion Graphics: Peter Lendvai (HBO Europe)
Storyboard Artist: Tamás Pálmai

Cast: Serbian Pavlu, Costel Cascaval, Laurentiu Banescu, Sergiu Costache