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mïus – Tomorrow

The song “Tomorrow” is about the unknown future and uncertainty, and also that little glimmer of hope. Sometimes you have to let go of things – even if it hurts – in order to let new things into your life.

All shot on location and done practical on a 1000 dollar budget with a handheld Sony FS7 Camera.


Underfunded Film Festival (USA) * Official Selection
ITSA Shorts Film Festival (USA) * Official Selection
TMMF – The Monthly Film Festival (USA) * WINNER: Best Music Video (December)
Central India International Film Festival (India) * Official Selection
Apex Short Film & Music Video Festival (USA) * Official Selection
INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC AWARDS (Online) * Official Selection (Best Pop Video)
WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival (USA) * Official Selection (Best Editing Nominee)
GenreBlast Film Festival & Screenplay Competition (USA) * Official Selection

Director / Editor / Concept: Péter VARSICS
Director of Photography: Dániel SZŐKE
Producer: Gergely ÁLMOS
Production Manager: Annamária LIGOSZTÁJEVA

Starring: Bálint BÁN, Noémi BRÁZ

Assistant Camera: Tamás BLAHA
Costume Designer: Zsófia TÖRÖK
Make-up Artist: Barbara KUND
Pyrotechnician / SFX: Norbert OROSZ
Colorist: György SZITÁR-CSANÁDI
Sound Effects: Alex HUNYADI

Special Thanks to: Júlia HORÁNYI, Márton VIZKELETY, Gergely REGULA, Emily BOWMAN, COMO pictures, BLENDE studio, LUPA film