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HBO Europe Spokesperson – Batter Up

2019 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Gold Award – Best Directing
2019 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Gold Award – Best Channel Website or App Promotion
2019 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Finalist – Best Online Platforms Image Campaign
2019 PromaxBDA Europe Gold Award – Best OTT/VOD/Website/Interactive Service Spot
2019 PromaxBDA Europe Finalist – Best General Image Programme Campaign


Our goal was to create a spot featuring the Spokesperson to guide the audience into the universe of HBO Europe by announcing “one hit title after another” on our platforms, and also introduce him all across Europe.

Campaign runs now in Scandinavia, Spain and Eastern Europe.


The Spokesperson: Ryan-James Hatanaka
Director / Creative / Edit: Peter Varsics
Director of Photography: Dániel Szöke
Creative Director of Promotion: Adam Ecsery (HBO Europe)
Creative Director: Thomas Fabricius (DDB Copenhagen)
Senior Creative: Jeppe H. Ritz (DDB Copenhagen)
Senior Copywriter: Tim Fremmich Andresen (DDB Copenhagen)
Account Manager: Sabina Langkilde (DDB Copenhagen)
VP of Creative Services: Balazs Bojthe (HBO Europe)
SVP of Marketing: Anders Tullgren (HBO Nordic)
VP of Creative: Sofie Lanstorp (HBO Nordic)
Producer: Esther Turan, Viki Trepper (Moviebar)
Line Producer: Istvan Erkel (Moviebar)
Production Manager: Balázs Veres
Production Coordinator: Nikolett Meister
1st AD: Kopek Donát
Production Designer: Judit Varga
Costumes / Stylist: Diana Oehler
Focus Puller: Tamás Németh
DIT: Tamás Marosan
Gaffer: András Szendrő
Jimmy Jib: Norbert Bolvari
Key Grip: Máté Kecskeméti
Color Grading: Szilárd Tötszegi (Post Edison)
VFX Supervisor: Miklós Hadhazi
On-set Edit: Miklós Hadhazi
Make-Up / Hair: Barbara Kund
Sound Recording: Bálint Zándoki
Sound Design / Mixing: Peter Mari

Shot on ARRI Alexa in Budapest, Hungary.