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Golden Life – Season 2: “Mirrors” Promo

2017 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Finalist – Best In-House Program Campaign
2017 PromaxBDA Europe Gold Award – Best General Image Programme Campaign
2016 Kreatív Craft Awards – Best Cinematography Silver Award
2016 Kreatív Craft Awards – Best Color Grading Silver Award
2016 Kreatív Craft Awards – Best Art Direction Bronze Award
2016 Kreatív Craft Awards – Best Sound Design Bronze Award
2016 Kreatív Craft Awards – Best Directing Finalist


New Shoot Promo for the upcoming season for the acclaimed HBO Europe Series ‘Golden Life’ (Aranyélet).

The story is about a family that seems idyllic from outside, but the parents commit crimes for their living.
As the father wants to quit the illegal lifestyle, the children are getting more & more involved in crime.

This season we look back into our main characters past in the 90’s and see how they’d become involved in crime. Therefore the concept was to have reflections or mirrors in every setup and use them as a cinematic tool and metaphor to see that our characters’ past still haunts them in the present. Everything is exclusively shot for this Promo, no programme footage is used.

Director / Creative Producer / Concept: Peter Varsics
Director of Photography: Dániel Szöke
Editing: Péter Varsics & Miklós Hadházi
Production: Mark & Merit Film
Producer: Balázs Lóth
Production Manager: Zoltán Pálmai
Production Designer: Dorka Hedvig Kiss
Costume Designer: Diana Oehler
1st AD: Donat Kopek
VFX Artist: Miklós Hadházi
VFX Artist: Balázs Sánta
Motion Graphics Designer: Levente Szmicsek
Sound Design / Sound Mix: Tomasz Siadak
Color Grading: Szilárd Tötszegi (Post Edison)
Storyboard: Vica Éva Kovács //

Cast: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Eszter Ónodi, Laura Döbrösi, Renátó Olasz, Zsolt Anger, Attila Vidnyánszky, Tamás Kovács and Andrea Waskovics