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HBO Nordic – Spokesperson Campaign Vol. II

2018 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Gold Award – Best Online Platforms Image Campaign
2018 PromaxBDA Global Excellence Silver Award – Best Channel Website or App Promotion
2018 PromaxBDA Europe Silver Award – Best General Image Programme Campaign


These various spots are used as “prerolls” for either specific series or branding spots made for HBO Nordic featuring Ryan-James Hatanaka as the Spokesperson.

We set out a similar goal for the new Spokesperson campaign: to create attention-grabing, diverse, slightly quirky, but to the point introductions to our trailers/image spots to encapsulate the distinctive quality feel of HBO as a brand and to guide the audience into the universe of HBO Nordic, while stretching the boundaries of the concept with visual punchlines and added variety

Five little intro-examples from last year’s campaign:

HBO Nordic Line-up 2017
Big Little Lies
Game of Thrones Season VII – Launch Spot
Game of Thrones Season VII – Catch-up Spot



Director / Creative Producer

The Spokesperson: Ryan-James Hatanaka

Director of Photography: Dániel Szőke